Create shows with groups of friends

Do you have a group of friends you play sports with? A group you go shopping with? Go to school with? Travel with? Of course you do!

Groopie is the only app that lets you and your friends create amazing shows together. Capture all your adventures with the people you share them with. Everyone adds to the story with their unique perspectives and social experiences, one episode at a time.

Shoot together

Groopie has revolutionized video recording by empowering users to record together from two different locations! Send your friend a record notification and shoot an episode at the same time.

Then merge the videos using our simple, mobile-optimized editing tool. With Groopie, you can choose which camera angle and audio source you want to use to create one continuous video.

Follow exciting groups of people

What do people traditionally say - I’m going to the Giants game or I’m going to Buster Posey’s game? The Giants of course ! We love following groups of people because it makes for a more dynamic and entertaining story. Groopie is all about real stories being told by real groups of people!

Follow only what interests you

Do you love your friend’s party adventures but can’t stand seeing her cat videos? Groopie allows you to follow the stories that interest you, not the individual as a whole! So skip the fancy dinners and grandma moments, and go ahead with the travel adventures and pillow fights! ;)